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A Grip on Grief - Elsa McInnes


In this book, Elsa McInnes presents 12 true-life stories, written by Australian and New Zealand young people, about their experiences of grief.

Tragedy and death visit our everyday lives with devastating effect. In this book you will find practical reassurance from realistic personal experiences.

This book will help you through the worst times, and help others understand what it means to lose someone close.

ISBN: 0958212473

What They're Saying:

"This is a powerful collection of real life stories of young people dealing with grief in creative and inspiring ways. It is one of the best books on grief we have come across."
- John and Agnes Sturt (Authors and counsellors)

"This is not a sappy collection of clichs about life and death. Here you will find real answers on how to deal with grief positively, without denying its tremendous power to shock us, distort our feel for reality and wound us in our deepest parts."
- Ian Grant (Parenting with Confidence)


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