A Handful of Streamers - Lorraine Harvey


"As the SS Southern Cross got under way across Wellington Harbour, still clutching my handful of streamers, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of my family and friends, and I wondered when and where I would see them all again..."

So began the adventures of the 22-year-old Lorraine Scott as she set out from New Zealand, bound for Central Africa. There she would meet up with her fiancÚ, Maurice Harvey, and embark on a life that was utterly different from anything she had ever experienced.

This book tells that story. Depending not on memory, but on the 2,000 letters that she and Maurice wrote to their parents, Lorraine gives a fascinating insight into life in Africa in the 1960s, as Maurice took on Bible distribution work and Lorraine took up the challenge of supporting her husband and raising a family in difficult conditions.

A Handful of Streamers is not just a fascinating and compelling read, but also a gentle call to consider our own personal faith, take up the challenge of doing whatever the Lord God asks us to do and go wherever He wants us to go.

About the Author:

   Lorraine has been married for 54 years to Maurice, a Bible marketing consultant, photojournalist and author. She is the mother of Rosanne and Clive. Lorraine is a skilled Bible teacher, and over the years she has been involved in programmes with CWF (Christian Women's Fellowship) Hong Kong, Christian Viewpoint UK, CWCI (Christian Women Communicating International) New Zealand, Know Your Bible Fiji, and as the editor of CWCI NewZlink. Lorraine and Maurice have been based in Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and the UK. They now live in Auckland, New Zealand.

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