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A Mum in Waiting - Natalia Hatton


A Mum in Waiting is a real and raw account of a couple's eight-year journey with infertility. Nothing is held back.

As you read this book you truly feel you are walking with them through the highs and lows - from the waiting, the testing, the natural approach through to medical interventions.

Natalia longed for such a book in her darkest days, to know she was not alone in all the struggles. Not finding one, she took it upon herself to share their journey. She is bravely vulnerable and authentic in her depiction of their experience, so others going through the same journey do not need to feel so alone.

You will cry but you will laugh too as their journey tests their faith to breaking point, yet they don't let go of hope.

About the Author:

   Brett & Natalia Hatton live in Auckland, New Zealand. They love each other immensely, enjoy life, family and friends, and run successful businesses. They are still waiting on their much-wanted miracle to be parents. Visit Natalia's website here.

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