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A Path in the Dark - Lim Ling


In 1992, Lim Ling began her doctoral studies, looking forward to a bright future and a career in geology. They were days filled with promise.

But as she began to face difficulties in her research, running up against roadblocks and personality clashes with academic supervisors, her stress levels began to rise and she began to experience worrying symptoms in her emotional and mental health. Eventually this evolved into a full-blown encounter with schizophrenia.

In this book, Lim describes those dark days, and other episodes that followed. Ever seeking an answer to her situation, she turned her determination towards finding a path through it all, and discovered the hope that lay in her faith and in God.

With honesty and a desire to help others who suffer through mental health challenges, Lim passes on the lessons she learned and the things that continue to help her in the ups and downs of life.

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