Against All Odds - Benny Tan


The inspiring autobiography of Benny Tan

When Benny Tan found out that he was sold as a baby, feelings of abandonment and rejection overwhelmed him - his life began to spin out of control. Everybody thought he'd either be killed in a gang fight in the streets of Kuala Lumpur or he'd be locked away for good. But his life was totally transformed one day through a divine appointment. His gripping story will inspire you to face life's obstacles with courage and hope.

What They're Saying:

"A man's identity is fundamental to his life and destiny. Having his identity revealed as a lie propelled Benny into a tailspin that only the awesome power of God could repair and restore. A must read for all men."
- Paul Subritzky (Promise Keepers, New Zealand)

"The story of Benny Tan is one of God's divine mysteries ... that the God of creation set apart Benny as a young person, moulded and shaped him to be who he is today for His glory and for His purposes."
- Mike Jeffs (Founder ACC TV, Australian Christian Channel TV, Network Communications)

"Benny has lived with infectious passion, making a difference in the lives of thousands ... his story is a lean-in-and-listen yarn that will inspire and challenge any reader."
- Brian Andrew (Author, Business Consultant and Speaker)

"This is a gripping story of a young man who was completely and utterly bound in the kingdom of darkness. It is an amazing testimony to the love and goodness of God. Benny had no hope for his future. Through the grace of God his life was radically transformed. You will not want to put the book aside after you have started reading it. I thoroughly recommend it."
- Bill Subritzky (International Healing Evangelist)

About the Author:

   Benny is a visionary leader-pastor who has the gift of inspiring people to dream big dreams. He's also a great communicator with a cheeky sense of humour, a brilliant way with words and a great passion for the things of God. He and his wife, Sharon, founded the Abundant Life Centre, Kaitaia, New Zealand, and are now the pastors of the History Maker church at Kawana Waters on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Printed book: NZ$19.95

ISBN: 9780987400505 (Softcover)

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