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The Blessing Effect - Richard Brunton


How Blessing is Changing the World.

The bestselling Awesome Power of Blessing now has a sequel: The Blessing Effect.

Full of amazing testimonies and stories, this book tells how the blessing message is touching the lives of millions of people around the globe. From places as diverse as New Zealand and Kenya, pastors and ordinary people are being impacted by being blessed and blessing others.

Also included are helpful new tips - things Richard Brunton and others have learnt along the way - providing advice, insight and vision for using this powerful gift in your everyday life, family and community.

Read and be inspired. Blessing can change you, your world - and indeed the whole world!

What They're Saying:

"This is a small book, easy to read and simple to apply, but with mighty potential."
- Pastor Geoff P Wiklund (New Zealand)

"The Blessing Effect is a powerful resource for pastors and leaders... It has been given to us as a gift from God through his servant, and will have a great impact upon the lives of the countless numbers who read it."
- Bishop Michael Musale (Kenya)

About the Author:

   Richard Brunton co-founded Colmar Brunton in 1981 and built it into New Zealand's best-known market research company. He retired in 2014 and has since devoted his time to writing, speaking and ministry, in New Zealand and beyond. He is also the author of the bestselling Awesome Power of Blessing and the book Anointed for Work.

Printed book: NZ$6.95

ISBN: 9780473531416 (Softcover), 9780473531423 (ePUB), 9780473531430 (Kindle)

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