Changing Lives: Mission agencies and their stories, Book 1 - Pete Cossey


Imagine you are the only Christian in a room full of Muslims and a bearded Imam asks: "What do you think of Mohammed?" How do you respond? What would you do to help an oppressed farmer whose landlord has demanded more money than his land produces? And would you have ever thought one person could see 72 families become Christians in just three months?

In this book you will encounter situations like these, and see lives that have been changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Changing Lives is a compilation of stories written by dozens of different authors. Sometimes the extraordinary outcomes will cause you to celebrate God's marvellous ways. Other times you will catch a glimpse of the pain and suffering of the poor. These are inspiring, challenging, and faith-building stories.

Featuring: Interserve, Open Doors, International Student Ministries of NZ, ReachAcross, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Children's Bible Ministries, Empower Mission, MMM International, Africa Inland Mission, Global Connections in Mission, OMS International.

ISBN: 9780986450808

What They're Saying:

"An amazingly succinct yet diverse insight into the lives of New Zealanders on mission, Changing Lives presents an inspirational cross-section of historic and present-day Kiwis taking the gospel to the nations."
- Pastor Phil Richardson, Executive Director, Church Mobilization

"Changing Lives not only has tremendous stories of changed lives that will stir you to get out of the pew and into action, but it uniquely includes details of the organisations those stories come from so that you know which door God is calling you to knock on."
- Rob Holding, Rhema Broadcasting Group


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