Christmas Gift Guide 2011

The Rose Princess and the Special Gift by Mike de Vetter  

The Rose Princess and the Special Gift

Mike de Vetter

Not far from here lives the Rose Princess in a kingdom ruled by her father the king? A beautifully illustrated, full colour, hard-cover children's book, about generosity and giving. Ages 4-8.

"The Rose Princess and the Special Gift is a delightful book that speaks to the heart of a child... Our own small granddaughters were captivated!" - Mary Grant, Parents Inc.

A great gift for the kids or grandkids.

SPECIAL: NZ$17.95 (was $21.95)!

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From Kabul with Love compiled by Faith Goldberg  

From Kabul with Love

Compiled by Faith Goldberg

The story of pioneering medical workers, Howard and Monika Harper, told through letters sent between Howard and his father, Stan. An honest and enthralling account of life on the mission field and on the 'home-front'. This moving book takes you through the highs and lows of the adventures of one of New Zealand's unsung heroes as he works as an eye specialist in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Absorbing summer reading.

Only NZ$34.95!

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What's God Up To On Planet Earth? by Mark Keown  

What's God Up To On Planet Earth?

Mark Keown

The finest explanation of the Christian message to be published in recent years.

"Many Christians have summarised their beliefs over the years in written form. But few have done so in as lively and compelling a fashion as Mark Keown. If you thought faith was dull or boring, think again - and read this book." - Craig Blomberg (Distinguished Professor of the New Testament, Denver Seminary, USA)

Read it yourself, or give it to someone you love.

SPECIAL: NZ$16.95 (was $24.95)!

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Out from Under the Will of the Sea by Hideo Hatakeda  

Out from Under the Will of the Sea

Hideo Hatakeda

The compelling story of a young Japanese pastor attempting to start his own church in 1960s Japan, and facing a menacing wall of church legalism. The burdens placed on him by those who enforce their authority over him become almost too much to bear. But there is hope. This book tells the story of "the awakening" of Hatakeda, as he discovers the difference between the true heart of Jesus and the intentions of the leaders who have tried to dominate him.

A fascinating and poetically-written book.

Only NZ$26.95!

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A Different Road by Shirley Jamieson  

A Different Road

Shirley Jamieson

A beautifully written and presented autobiography about growing up with partial sight in 1950s and 60s New Zealand, and the challenges of caring for a child with severe cerebral palsy. A testimony to faith and perseverance.

Be inspired!

Only NZ$24.95!

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Beyond Death and Dishonour by Michiharu Shinya  

Beyond Death and Dishonour

Michiharu Shinya

Captured off the coast of Guadalcanal and sent as a POW to New Zealand, Beyond Death and Dishonour is the true story of naval lieutenant Michiharu Shinya. Suffering the indignity of capture and witnessing the Featherston riot, Shinya is changed forever.

A classic story of war and redemption.

SPECIAL: NZ$19.95 (was $24.95)!

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Shooting the Globe by Maurice Harvey  

Shooting the Globe

Maurice Harvey

Maurice Harvey's story ranges from quirky to grippingly poignant as he travels in a reporting role for the United Bible Societies from Cuba to Lebanon, from Rwanda to Sarajevo, from Fiji to Mongolia. A fascinating and entertaining book that takes the reader closer to the human soul of some the world's most isolated places and hotspots of recent history.

More great summer reading!

SPECIAL: NZ$19.95 (was $29.95)!

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Transformed Lives compiled by Bev Montgomery  

Transformed Lives

Compiled by Bev Montgomery

In the 1960s and 70s, a controversial new movement swept through the NZ church with a fresh wave of passion and vigour. That revolution became known as the Charismatic Movement. This new book from Castle brings together the stories of 19 people who experienced the movement firsthand and were never the same again.

Reminisce and be inspired!

Only NZ$26.95!

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