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Debbie Dart's Unbelievable Birthday Present - Lyndon Douglas


Debbie Dart is just an ordinary 16 year old girl - she wants a horse for her birthday. But her dad, an inventor of top-secret gadgets, has a different idea!

Debbie is given a surprise gift that exceeds her wildest imagination, and sets her on the first of many exciting adventures.

" the centre of all this electricity and noise, something was appearing! It gave Debbie such a fright that she jumped backwards to get out of the way. All this only took a second. Debbie didn't know what to do - scream as loud as she could, cry, or burst with joyful excitement."

A sci-fi full colour 52-page kids' adventure!

Reading ages 8-12, but suitable for kids of all ages.

ISBN: 9780473211301

What They're Saying:

"Debbie Dart's jet propelled motor cycle would take her through the Cosmic Curtain to many exciting adventures. The first of which is told in this large, colourful, beautifully illustrated book."
- John Ward (Between the Covers, Rhema)


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