Educating Our Children Faithfully - John Norsworthy


The modern Christian school movement has emerged in NZ in the last 50 years. This book describes the spirit of the movement and the significant events and turning points.

Each of the nearly 100 schools' stories are briefly told, capturing the vision of the founders, the challenges, the victories and how the life of the school unfolded.

An examination of the stories recorded in this book elicits some recurring features of these Christian school communities and points to the way forward to success in the future.

About the Author:

   John Norsworthy has taught in secondary and primary schools, and in the tertiary sector, Bible colleges and teacher education for over 45 years and is a board member for Thinking Matters NZ. He has served on curriculum committees and professional development in both the state and Christian sectors and served as secretary to the NZ Association for Christian Schools for twenty years. He currently is an adjunct lecturer at Faith Bible College, NZ and is passionate about the influence of the biblical revelation on all areas of human life.

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