Encountering God: Processing life through God's checkout - Michelle Wynne


You are called to lead a big, generous life; you have been created to shine and made to thrive - even in the most unexpected places...

After graduating from an international Bible and Leadership Training College, Michelle Wynne was ready to save the world. Instead, she found herself working full-time as a checkout operator at her local supermarket - not quite what she had in mind or in her heart!

But as time went by, all of the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. God was there and she learnt a lot during and after her 'supermarket season'.

In this book, Michelle seeks to express the magnitude of God's love and the enormity of His grace, using an everyday supermarket analogy. In an upbeat and personal style, she offers life-transforming insights into God's heart for you and for those who cross your path.

Let your heart, mind and spirit be refreshed, restored and encouraged as you journey through this book towards greater faith and deeper intimacy with God. Dare to go against the status quo - allow His heartbeat to become your own. Who knows what could happen when two worlds collide?

About the Author:

   Michelle Wynne is a teacher and musician, with a real heart to see people of all ages and backgrounds flourish. After spending most of her short life in Tauranga, she now chooses to make her home in Rotorua. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys drinking chai lattes, singing and creating music, and exploring the many lakes or Redwood forest near her home.

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