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Faith, Politics and Servant Leadership - Graeme Lee


A unique and fascinating read, by the man whose vision led to the establishment of the United Future NZ Party (formerly Christian Democrats), with a crucial message about faith against the odds and true leadership.

In this insightful book, written for Christians in all types and levels of leadership, Graeme Lee answers tough questions about working in a hostile environment, about leading by serving, about being proactive in politics, and offers a behind-the-scenes look into the western worlds most secular parliament.

ISBN: 095821249X

What They're Saying:

Graeme Lee tells it like it is, without embellishment or fanfare, never boasting in his accomplishments nor hiding his failures. Knowing how it spoke to me, it is a joy to commend this book to you.
- Dr Robert Coleman (Author of The Master Plan of Evangelism and Professor of Discipleship and Evangelism, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA)

It is a very easy and interesting read. The relatively brief chapters are written in simple and clear prose. Biographical detail, short anecdotes, comments on politics and society, verses of scripture and mini-sermons are skillfully welded together to reveal not only Lee the man but also more importantly what he believes and why.
- Barry Gustafson (Professor of Politics and Head of Department at the University of Auckland, author of His Way: A Biography of Robert Muldoon)


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