Fangufangu Mana - Graeme McNae


An Awakening to the Gospel in Tonga in the 20th century.

Like the sound of the fangufangu mana nose flute heard in the morning air, awakening sleepers and banishing lies, the gospel makes its invitation. Graeme and Colleen McNae heeded the call and set off for Tonga with their young family to spread the news. What happened in the decade and a half they were there has been described as 'nothing short of momentous'. This is the story.

What They're Saying:

"Are you committed to missions and the gospel of Christ? This book is a wonderful read about an impassioned young couple and their desire to reach the people of Tonga for Christ. Crammed with fascinating stories that shed light on cross-cultural evangelism and the grace of God in the lives of those who hear the gospel. Stirring accounts of lives transformed from tradition and religion to saving faith in Jesus Christ."
- Bruce Reid (Radiologist, Discipler & Former Pastor)

"To read this story will be to embark on a remarkable journey alongside a young couple who left their home in New Zealand during the 1970s to serve as Christian missionaries. It's a story of the profound impact of faith, resulting in an incredible work of God that left behind, after 15 years, a lasting legacy of believers well-equipped to carry forward the message of the gospel."
- Prof Palatasa Havea (Dean Pacific, Massey University, Palmerston North)

"A thoughtful record of an innovative gospel-powered mission to Tonga. Disarmingly frank and warmly authentic. A must read for any intending missionaries or tent-makers. Everyone who loves Tonga and its people will want a copy."
- Dr Alistair McNaughton (Pastor, Auckland)

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