Forgiveness: What It Is and Why It Matters - Dick Tripp


Deep in the human heart is a profound longing to know the reality of God's forgiveness. Without it, our lives can be locked up in guilt and anger. Experiencing the reality of God's forgiveness brings a whole new orientation to life. We then face the challenge of extending this forgiveness to those who have wronged us. Dick Tripp provides an excellent introduction to the Christian concept of forgiveness.

Part of a series of easy to read and informative booklets written by Dick Tripp, an Anglican minister with experience in parish ministry and in training people to share their faith. These booklets are ideal for a wide range of uses including personal evangelism, evangelistic meetings, study groups and sermon series.

ISBN: 095835328X

What They're Saying:

I would like to warmly commend this very helpful booklet on a most important topic.
- Murray Robertson (Senior Pastor, Spreydon Baptist Church, Christchurch)


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