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Get Out of My Pocket! - Sylvia Bowden


Five ways to stop your kids sending you broke.

No matter how old your children are, being a parent makes significant demands on your finances. So what do you do if your children, whether preschoolers or at primary school, 'tweens or teenagers - or even your grown-up children - are dipping into your pocket? How can you handle all their wants and needs?

Sylvia Bowden draws on her vast experience as a mother, counsellor, budget advisor, speaker and author to give you the practical advice that will help you safeguard your financial resources and raise kids who are financially independent.

In her easy-to-read, relaxed and entertaining style, Sylvia uncovers the common pitfalls and explains how to avoid them. She gives advice specific to children of certain ages, from early childhood to adulthood, and sets out general principles on how to be financially savvy and pass those skills on to your kids.

Get out of my Pocket! is highly recommended for parents of children of all ages. You can stop your kids sending you broke!

ISBN: 9780987665102

What They're Saying:

"Get Out of My Pocket contains lots of practical, wise advice to parents."
- John Ward (Between the Covers, Rhema)

About the Author:

   Sylvia Bowden has worked as a counsellor, budget advisor and speaker. She is passionate about helping individuals and families get out of financial difficulties through teaching financial skills. She is the author of two previous books: 'How to Stop Your Kids Going Broke' and the 'New Zealand Household Budget Kit'. Together with her husband John, she owns and operates Silbo Systems.


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