Glimpses of Glory - Joy Hickman


Have we forgotten God's grace to Israel?

This book is an adventure of discovery that provides insights into the wonder of our Triune God leading from Old to New Testaments, and takes in the highlights of Messianic prophecy. Includes a fresh look at the book of Romans. Joy Hickman tells how she was led unexpectedly to share a message of grace for Israel today, and about relevant ways of expressing the beauty of that message.

Prepare to be challenged on your understanding of God's unfailing grace and His special plan for His people.

ISBN: 9780473166137

What They're Saying:

"...I loved [Joy's] emphasis on grace and [her] fascinating suggestions about the structure of Romans and the Jewish festivals."
- Mark Strom (Principal, Laidlaw College)

"I am so grateful for Glimpses of Glory. I've begun reading it and I'm really enjoying it."
- Bob Mendelsohn (Chief of Station, Jews for Jesus Australia)


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