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Good God: The Goodalls! - The Goodall Seven


From the early 1930s to 1953, the seven Goodall children toiled away on a dairy farm near Frankton Junction in Hamilton, New Zealand. This remarkable volume records the stories of their childhood and their colourful adult lives.

Good God: the Goodalls! is a fascinating insight into 20th century New Zealand life, containing the stories and adventures of a New Zealand family told with wit and charm.

ISBN: 9780473182328

What They're Saying:

"I knew the Goodalls from way back... The bunch of them were the Magnificent Seven minus the horses... mischievous rascals who didn't just push the envelope, they blew it up!"
- John Hawkesby (Broadcaster)

"Good God: the Goodalls! is a compelling read... The Goodalls have delivered... They've written a gripping story of how they went from struggle to struggle, and from strength to strength."
- Kevin Knight, Challenge Weekly


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