Hold Your Horses - D.A. Cleland


Revelation 6 - Do we have a case of mistaken identity?

The Black Horse of Revelation 6. Feast? Or Famine? Many forecast a famine. But have they missed the feast?

This book will leave readers with little doubt about what the Four Horsemen represent, especially the Black and White Horses, as D.A. Cleland has endeavoured to present to you one of the most comprehensive studies that you are likely to read about these horses, going right back to the root words in the Greek to ensure that the correct interpretation is brought out.

There is also the 'law of first mention' to consider when correctly ascertaining the meaning of the symbols. Through careful research of the Old Testament the author was rewarded with the same themes running through consistently. The author hopes these studies will help you better understand who truly rides the Black and White Horses of Revelation. Included in this book are a few observations from other parts of the Bible.

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