Honest Scales - Michelle Schmidt


A journey of faith and freedom from anorexia.

"The words blurred as tears filled my eyes. The shock of seeing those words, and that label in print, next to my name, momentarily numbed me. For an instant I felt myself floundering in the tumultuous sea of reality. I say an instant because it was only that before denial reared up once more, and the voice of the Lie rang loudly in my head."

This is the raw and honest firsthand story of how a young woman fell into the grip of anorexia nervosa and battled her way to freedom from its deadly grasp. In this world of fear and uncertainty, when life can so easily feel out of control, sometimes the numbing retreat of addiction can seem like a path of escape. But there is a better way.

Told with the compassion and reality that can only come from personal experience, Honest Scales is a story of faith, hope, and ultimately freedom.

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ISBN: 9780473675738 (Softcover), 9780473675745 (ePUB), 9780473675752 (Kindle)

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