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If There Is a God, Why Is There So Much Suffering? - Dick Tripp


If there is a God, why is there so much suffering? Few questions have exercised the minds of people down the ages more than the question of suffering. In an otherwise beautiful world, why is there suffering? The problem at times touches all of our lives.

Part of a series of easy to read and informative booklets written by Dick Tripp, an Anglican minister with experience in parish ministry and in training people to share their faith. These booklets are ideal for a wide range of uses including personal evangelism, evangelistic meetings, study groups and sermon series.

ISBN: 0958353255

What They're Saying:

This is a timely book, and will, I am sure, be of great help to Christians and seekers alike, in getting to grips with this age-old human problem.
- Reverend Dr Penelope A. B. Jamieson (Bishop of Dunedin)


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