Is it Time to Think Again? - Graeme Evans


We all have one life to live, and gradually realise that it passes quickly.

As adults we learn the value of living intelligently and intentionally. Yet most of us become swamped when we try to apply this approach to the big questions of life. The biosphere and humanity are highly complex, and the cosmos is breathtakingly vast.


Can we rely on perspectives that were taught to us as facts? Does current mainstream science provide all the answers and worldview we need in order to live and thrive? Can it fully satisfy our desire for meaning?

This book begins with an examination of truth itself, and suggests ways we can improve our ability to discern truth from fiction. It then goes on to identify recent scientific discoveries that challenge conventional thinking, before exploring a number of other vital issues that touch on 'the meaning of life'.

Is It Time to Think Again? is both a roadmap and travel-guide for people who seek to explore the big questions of life.

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About the Author:

   Graeme Evans qualified with a BSc in Computer Science while serving with the RNZAF, before gaining his wings and flying Bristol Freighters, C-130 Hercules and helicopters. He then worked with computers for the air force, eventually attaining the rank of Squadron Leader. He later went on to form his own consultancy and software development company. While Graeme finds much stimulation in all things scientific and engineering, his main passion is observing and participating in the way God works in people's lives. He lives in Auckland with his wife Mejun and has three children.

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