God - Man: Is Jesus Really God? - Dick Tripp


For 2,000 years Christians have proclaimed that Jesus is God. The purpose of this booklet is to examine this claim. Is it reasonable? Does it have a historical foundation that fits the evidence we possess? If it does, do I need to do anything about it?

Part of a series of easy to read and informative booklets written by Dick Tripp, an Anglican minister with experience in parish ministry and in training people to share their faith. These booklets are ideal for a wide range of uses including personal evangelism, evangelistic meetings, study groups and sermon series.

ISBN: 0958353220

What They're Saying:

Dick Tripp helps us think through the issues, and does so in a style which is straightforward to follow, wide ranging in its selection of evidence, and dynamic as it catches our imagination and stretches our minds.
- Bishop Brian Carrell


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