Israel - Derek McDowell et al


An excellent and crucial new book has been published by Vision Network of New Zealand and is available from Castle Publishing

Israel: 5 views on people, land and state presents the opinions of five New Zealanders about the past, present and future of Israel. With so many different perspectives, amidst constant media reports and with so much passion on all sides in the world around us, this book provides a succinct and vital forum for Christian ideas about the Holy Land.

In Part 1 each writer presents his views on Israel and then in Part 2 responds to the views of the other four writers. The outstanding line-up is:

  • Derek McDowell, New Zealand National Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
  • Philip Church, Biblical Languages Lecturer at Laidlaw College (formerly Bible College of New Zealand)
  • Stephen Tollestrup, Executive Director of TEAR Fund NZ
  • Sam Chapman, Director of Houhanga Rongo reconciliation ministries
  • Rob Yule, Presbyterian minister and former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand
  • ISBN: 9780473149116


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