Memoirs of a Follower - Marion Sanders


Developing the art of listening to God at work.

God is waiting, ready to intervene in our daily lives, when we are willing to listen to him.

This little book traces one Christ follower's journey towards disciplined attention to God's voice within the workplace. Through a series of autobiographical vignettes - snippets from Marion's own professional journey - she encourages us to consider the impact that God's inspiration and guidance can have on the tasks that fill each day.

As an educator, Marion's stories relate to her role as a teacher of both children and adults, within New Zealand and overseas. But the principles demonstrated within each story are applicable in every workplace.

About the Author:

   Marion Sanders has been involved in education throughout her adult life, first in New Zealand primary schools and then, for the last 25 years, as a teacher educator. This commitment to the next generation of teachers has also extended offshore. She lives in Tauranga, where commitments to work, family, church and mentoring keep her happily engaged.

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