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Out from Under the Will of the Sea - Hideo Hatakeda


The compelling story of a young Japanese pastor attempting to start his own church in 1960s Japan, and consequently facing the menacing wall of church legalism.

Continuing on from his first book, From the Well to the Sea, this second book follows the life of Japanese pastor Hideo Hatakeda when he returns to Japan after becoming a Christian in New Zealand.

In trying to start his own church, Hatakeda soon encounters an overpowering influence from his home church in New Zealand. Initially not understanding what is happening, Hatakeda has to serve his leaders while trying to serve Christ, and struggles in this conflict. The burdens placed on him by those who enforce their authority over him become almost too much to bear.

But there is hope. This book tells the story of "the awakening" of Hatakeda, as he discovers the difference between the true heart of Jesus and the intentions of the leaders who have tried to dominate him. Out from Under the Will of the Sea is a book that demonstrates the freedom we can find in Jesus Christ, and is a warning against the danger of legalism and control in the Christian church.

ISBN: 9780473194741

What They're Saying:

"Out from Under the Will of the sea makes the point that church leaders should not coerce people into a particular belief or behaviour any more than Jesus did. Pastor Hatakeda reminds us that trusting God to teach people by his Spirit will always seem risky; it is much easier to give them a list of dos and don'ts! This book is a serious warning to evangelical Christians to avoid deception and the mistakes of both the ancient and modern Pharisees."
- Jim Peacock (MA Hons, Diploma of Education)

About the Author:

   Hideo Hatakeda was born in 1940. In 1963, he boarded a cargo ship for New Zealand. While he was visiting the country, he became a Christian. After further study, church planting, and pastoring a church in Japan for 30 years, he went independent, and is currently the vice-chairman /secretary general of the Bible and Japan Forum, a movement that is bringing a breath of fresh air into today's Christian missionary work in Japan, by studying the relationship between ancient Japan and ancient Israel. Mr Hatakeda is also the director of the Bible and Japan Forum Training Center at Tomoyama, Ise-Shima, and deputy director of Hiyaku (Leap High) 28, a Non Profit Organization. He is currently the pastor of the Ise-Shima Tomoyama House Church, and the Osaka Nishi-ku Home Church. Amongst other published writings, Out from Under the Will of the Sea is his third book.


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