Peace in the Storm - The Dando Family


A journey with cancer - the Shirley Dando story.

When Shirley and Graeme Dando were both diagnosed with cancer they began a journey which would test their faith and change them forever. This book tells that story, making use of Shirley's diaries and writings, along with Graeme's recollections.

Along the way, there were set-backs and difficulties as well as all kinds of victories and milestones. The road was marked with resilience, hope, the love of their family, the encouragement and doubts of those around them, questions, unexpected twists and turns, unquenchable faith in the face of disappointment and an ever-deepening relationship with God.

When one of them dies and the other is healed, it leaves unanswered questions about the will of God.

But, even though Shirley was not physically restored, the strength of her relationship and belief in God meant that she was, and is, undefeated.

"There is no change in my stake in the ground. I believe that a physical healing will have little effect on my relationship with God... At its very core, my relationship is founded on an unshakeable personal awareness and knowledge of the goodness and incomprehensible love of my Heavenly Father; the sure and certain knowledge that Jesus is my Saviour and Lord; and that I have the hope (and certainty) of living in eternity with Him. That won't change regardless of my circumstances." - Shirley Dando

This title replaces an earlier edition published as It's Okay to Die.

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