Ripple Effect - Shirley Jamieson


A family's story of adventure and faith.

It all began in 1901 when seventeen-year-old Archie McMillan, fuelled by a desire to share the love of God, joined a small mission in the jungles of central India.

It was a dangerous place to live, with snakes and man-eating predators, but that didn't deter his future wife Grace.

Together and sometimes apart, their journey took them from the jungle to the Indian plains, to the Himalayan foothills, to WWI France, back to India, then Fiji and New Zealand. Through it all - the challenges, adventures and trials - their commitment to God and their love for Indian people never faded.

The story of Archie and Grace, beautifully brought to life by their granddaughter, is inspiring, gripping and heart-felt. By following the call of God, the legacy of their work ripples on today.

About the Author:

   Born in Wanganui, Shirley Jamieson enjoys writing, gardening, animals, history and travel. She is a member of NZ Christian Writers. As she has partial sight, and is a member of Blind and Low Vision NZ, her writing is done using screen enlargement software on her computer. This is her third book.

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