Seizing the Moment - Warren Curtis-Smith


In 1987 my life took on new meaning. Through a supernatural encounter I realized Frank Sinatra's self-centred song 'My Way' was not the right road to tread. I became filled with an excitement and love for others that changed my life's direction. Moments that had previously passed me by became wonderful opportunities to share what I had discovered.

I was told that a little bit of faith could move mountains. I decided to put this idea to the test. Seizing the Moment is a collection of short stories - encounters I have been privileged to be part of, which I would like to share with you the reader.

- Warren Curtis-Smith

What They're Saying:

"The God of the Bible is alive and active in our world today. Warren Curtis-Smith has captured for us a collection of exciting encounter stories where in the name of Jesus he has seen God do many miraculous things. God doesn't do what we command. But rather we're called to act in faith on his behalf; by putting faith in Jesus to the test by praying for miracles in the face of the impossible. Warren's book is inspiring to read. I know it will strengthen your faith and bring a smile to your face."
- Rev. Craig Vernall (Senior Minister, Bethlehem Baptist Church, NZ)

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