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Shadowed by an Angel - Katie-Anne Martin


A story of courage, hope and love.

At twenty years of age, with a bright vivacious personality, Eden McCabe is engaged to be married. Three months before the much anticipated nuptials, she travels out of town to attend a school reunion, from which, by her own choice, she does not return... for almost five years.

Those in her community are stunned, and her intended husband inconsolable. Upon her eventual arrival home she has become an extremely troubled young woman, who now lives as a recluse. What are the painful secrets that Eden seems intent on keeping?

This story holds a thought-provoking message for the reader, which, after many twists and turns, is revealed in its climactic finale.

Book one of the Shackellby Downes series. Book two here.

Printed book: NZ$19.95

ISBN: 9780473512132 (Softcover)

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