Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block? - Andrew Smith


This is a book about helping people: not so much about the issues that people bring but the process of helping. That means it is as much about the helper as the helping. As carers, we have the potential to see others helped and sometimes radically changed for the better, but that does not always happen. Sometimes we end up hurting and being hurt. Although we intend to be a stepping stone and assist others in their walk through life, we end up being a stumbling block and succeed only in tripping others up.

The goal of this book is to explore the process of working with others and to examine what makes the difference between being a stepping stone and a stumbling block.

An essential text for Christian counselling practice and other helping professions.

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About the Author:

   Andrew Smith was born in the UK and moved with his wife and children to New Zealand in the early 1980s. With a background in hospital surgery and private practice counselling he is currently part of the academic staff at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute, Tauranga, New Zealand.

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