The Bible: Can We Trust a Book Written 2000 Years Ago? - Dick Tripp


Discover more about the Bible, in this booklet that examines the reliability of history’s most influential book.

Part of a series of easy to read and informative booklets written by Dick Tripp, an Anglican minister with experience in parish ministry and in training people to share their faith. These booklets are ideal for a wide range of uses including personal evangelism, evangelistic meetings, study groups and sermon series.

ISBN: 0958366446

What They're Saying:

I hope this little booklet stimulates much interest in its readers. I especially hope that those who have never bothered to pick up the Bible because they thought it a pious fantasy will be drawn to read 'the greatest story ever told', open to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this story is not only great, but also true.
- Dr. Christopher D. Marshall (Head of the Department of New Testament Studies, Laidlaw College)


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