The Discovery of the Beginning (New edition) - Rob Yule


"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Denied for centuries by people who thought the universe was eternal, this first verse of the Bible has been shown to be true by a remarkable series of modern scientific discoveries.

Since Einstein, theoretical research in physics and observational discoveries in astronomy have established beyond doubt that the universe did 'begin' at a point in time - or more correctly, that time also began when the universe came into existence.

"That science should produce such evidence for the biblical Creator is a surprising development," says the author, "a plot-twist more unexpected than an exciting detective thriller."

In this unique booklet, Rob Yule demonstrates how scientists have arrived at this conclusion. Einstein, Friedmann, Lemaître, Hubble, Hoyle, Hawking, Penrose and many others have contributed to this momentous development. It is "the greatest turning-point in intellectual life and the history of ideas for two and a half millennia."

In a story full of unexpected twists and turns, secular science ironically finds itself pointing to a supremely powerful and wise Creator.

This revised edition brings this popular booklet up to date with current discoveries.

About the Author:

   Rob Yule is a retired Presbyterian minister and former moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. He has been a university chaplain, minister of three prominent NZ churches, and a lecturer in Bible schools. He graduated in history, geography, and philosophy from the University of Auckland, and in theology from the University of Otago. He did postgraduate studies in theology at New College, University of Edinburgh, under Professor Thomas F. Torrance, a distinguished thinker on the relation between Christian theology and the natural sciences.


ISBN: 9780473690557 (First edition: 0958211388)

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