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The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of - Brian Taylor


The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of contains 26 chapters on building better relationships, presented in a simple and straightforward format.

Ideal for busy people, with questions that will prompt you to think about ways you can enhance, develop and grow your relationships. Whether you are about to be married, newly wed, married with children or celebrating your golden anniversary - this book is for everyone. The principles here can be applied to any relationship - at home, at work or in social situations.

A manual and a workbook in one, the ideas in this book have been described as 'proverbs of relationships'. But they are more than that - they are seeds that can germinate and grow to produce fulfilment and maturity so you can realise your full relationship and life potential.

What They're Saying:

"Strong Christian heart, mind, and soul has developed this marriage resource, featuring plenty of inspirational quotations from the Bible and thought leaders from around the globe. Very practical for marriage and relationships, loaded with life-skills for developing emotional intelligence and seeking wisdom through God's Word."
- Justin St. Vincent (Editor of 'Love Live Forgive: Insights from Artists')

About the Author:

   Brian Taylor is an ordinary bloke with a regular job. He has no formal training in psychology or marriage counselling. What he does have is a strong relationship with God, and a marriage with his wife Alison that has stood the test of time. Naturally Brian wanted his children to experience a good and ever-deepening relationship with their husband or wife, so when his daughter and her fianc announced their engagement he selected some scriptures which have helped and guided him over the years, added some personal observations and advice for personal growth and better relationships, and presented it as a gift to the couple - the first version of the book that became The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of.

Printed book: NZ$39.00

ISBN: 9780473260651 (Softcover)

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