The One I Love - Carolyn Hurst


One woman's journey from uncertainty to joy through faith.

'The first of March 2015, a year to the day since I had left, found me back in New Zealand with one battered suitcase of belongings and 160 New Zealand dollars in my pocket! These were my worldly possessions. I think God was pleased about this? I was not!'

This is the story of one woman's journey of learning to trust Jesus, no matter the circumstances.

Carolyn writes of an unexpected fork in the road and what happened as God took her along a path of choosing His way at any cost, only to find herself experiencing joy and freedom in a life dependant on Him alone.

This book will encourage and inspire you to step closer to God and trust Him for more.

What They're Saying:

"Beautifully written, honest and moving..."
- Dr Angelika Halstead (Educator, writer, counsellor and spiritual director)

About the Author:

   Carolyn Hurst loves to travel and have adventures, and enjoys people and life with a deep yearning for all that is true. Her pursuit of truth brought her to Jesus at the age of 35, and she has been passionate for the release of the kingdom of God here on earth ever since.

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