When Life Gets Tough - Trixie Jellie


Imagine someone trying to kill you by physically assaulting you then hurling you off a bridge onto parked cars six metres below. Somehow you miraculously survive. Would that change your life?

In April 1989, a middle-aged housewife and mother was thrown off an overbridge in Auckland's CBD. The assailant, a complete stranger, changed many lives that day. A random act of violence in broad daylight left Trixie Jellie with life-threatening injuries. The New Zealand public was shocked, and the memory still lingers with people to this day.

Trixie has faced many battles and challenges over the years. She has learnt to ride the highs and lows with a positive attitude and her faith in God as her constant companion and source of strength.

Shocking, heartfelt and encouraging, this book is the story of a remarkable life, and proof of the impact of positive choices in tough times. It is a story of healing, forgiveness, faith and courage.

What They're Saying:

"Trixie has been a woman of faith, determination and perseverance who has overcome some incredible challenges in her life... I encourage you to read her story as it is stories like hers that help us all to move on with the right attitude and character."
- Pastor Peter Mortlock (Senior Pastor, City Impact Churches International)

"Our lives may not be as dramatic as Trixie's, but they can be an exciting walk by faith every day, no matter what situations come our way. I encourage you to read, and be inspired by, this book..."
- Di Willis (Ministries Director, Elevate Christian Disability Trust)

About the Author:

   Trixie Jellie is an ordinary New Zealand woman who has faced and overcome extraordinary life challenges. Known as an inspirational and engaging speaker, Trixie loves to share her testimony, offering a message of love and healing, and encouraging others into a personal relationship with Jesus. When Life Gets Tough is her first book.

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