Why Culture Matters: A biblical Christian approach to things cultural - John Norsworthy


What is 'culture'? Where does it come from? What impact does it have on us today? And why is it so important?

Why Culture Matters is an excellent introduction to culture for all Christians. It is an essential first text for every theological or Bible college, Christian school or church library. It is a simple but not simplistic introduction to a biblical approach to the relationship of Christians to things cultural.

John Norsworthy writes with clarity and insight. This book is consistently balanced and carefully nuanced, addressing the key issues of culture, combining an accessible biblical / historical survey that provides a solid basis for application in the world in which we live. Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter.

Covering such topics as: cultural commission, culture transformation, Jewish culture, Kingdom culture, Christian culture, multi culturalism and cross culturalism.

A must read for every student of the Bible and enquirer about the gospel throughout history and in contemporary society.

What They're Saying:

"This book is a serious introduction to the strategic place of culture in Christian life and service... it lays a solid foundation for wise practical guidance on addressing cultural issues and challenges in our diverse multicultural contexts of the 21st century."
- John Hitchen (Senior lecturer in Mission, Laidlaw College, NZ)

"This book is an easy to read primer on Christianity and culture. The chapter on 'The Contemporary Global Challenge' is a must read for Christian leaders in facing fast emerging multicultural congregations."
- Andrew Kulasingham (Deputy Principal, Faith Bible College, NZ)

"John Norsworthy raises some fundamental questions and suggests sensible solutions for us in this new century with its multicultural environment. I recommend this well written and readable book to you."
- Graham Preston (Founder and Ambassador of Christian Education Trust)

About the Author:

   John Norsworthy has taught in secondary and primary schools, and in the tertiary sector, Bible colleges and teacher education for over 45 years and is a board member for Thinking Matters NZ. He has served on curriculum committees and professional development in both the state and Christian sectors and served as secretary to the NZ Association for Christian Schools for twenty years. He currently is an adjunct lecturer at Faith Bible College, NZ and is passionate about the influence of the biblical revelation on all areas of human life.

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