Why Did Jesus Die? Unearthing the meaning of the cross - Dick Tripp


On a hill outside Jerusalem about 2000 years ago, an event took place that changed history - a vital moment in the story of Godís relationship with humankind.

In Why Did Jesus Die? Dick Tripp examines what the death of Christ really means and why it is so crucial to the Christian faith.

The book brings together a wealth of information gleaned from the Old and New Testaments, along with historical information and the ideas of some of Christianityís finest thinkers to create an easy to read and absorbing account that will change the way you view this ultimate sacrifice.

ISBN: 9780958239899

What They're Saying:

Dick Tripp combs the Scriptures to find and focus every reference to historyís most momentous event. Does a more thorough coverage of the biblical data exist anywhere? I doubt it.
- J.I. Packer (Board of Governors' Professor of Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, and an executive editor of Christianity Today)

The death and resurrection remain central to our understanding and practice of faith in Jesus Christ. Dick Tripp has provided a valuable guide to the richness of the biblical witness to what happened at the cross.
- Mark Strom (Principal of Laidlaw College, New Zealand)

About the Author:

   Dick Tripp is a retired Anglican clergyman who has worked in parish ministry in the Diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand. He has a Masters in Theology from Cambridge University and several years' experience in training people to share their faith. Dick is a director in a family farm and is actively involved in the restoration of nearby native bush, as well as supporting his wife Sally in other conservation projects.


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