Why Humility Matters - John Norsworthy


The radical idea of the practice of humility.

This book presents the subject of the practice of humility from a historical context and the Biblical text in a way that is clear and easy to follow. The reader is captured by reminders of just how significant Jesus and the scriptures are when shaping and modelling genuine humility.

John Norsworthy, once again using the dictum of keeping things simple, has provided another vital book, this time on the subject of humility.

Upending the prevailing shame and humiliation mindset of our culture's inherited Graeco-Roman thinking, John introduces us to a mindset of love and grace through the countercultural life and ministry of Christ. Through this book, we are able to see with fresh eyes how humility is woven through Scripture, leading to a more profound understanding of texts that may sometimes worry us. Finally, he invites us to adapt our own lives to this divine humility.

Useful discussion questions are provided for personal reflection or use in discussion groups.

About the Author:

   John Norsworthy has taught in secondary and primary schools, Bible colleges and teacher education for over 45 years. He has served on curriculum committees and professional development initiatives in both the state and Christian sectors, and served as secretary to the NZ Association for Christian Schools for 20 years. Passionate about the influence of biblical revelation on all areas of human life, he is a board member for Thinking Matters NZ and is currently an adjunct lecturer at Faith Bible College NZ.

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