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Where Precious Gems Hide - Katie-Anne Martin


Where Precious Gems Hide unfolds for the reader the author's personal story. It tells of a young woman living a life of secrecy, degradation, shame, and redemption.

A reject of society, she is unjustly confined to the back ward of a large mental institution; at a later stage she engages in prostitution as well as battling an eating disorder. At one point she lies critically ill following a suicide attempt. However, in the midst of her darkness, Katie-Anne encounters a surprising and powerful ally.

This book gives the amazing account of a love beyond comprehension - of a desperate life turned around. This true story with its many unexpected twists and turns makes for compelling reading and will impact, challenge and move the reader, while offering hope and encouragement to many. I am confident that each reader will find 'Where Precious Gems Hide' to be valuable and worthwhile addition to any personal book collection.

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